August 18, 2004 by Tim

Alright, the newspost is late. Why? I was working all morning, and I wanted to finish before I posted so I could tell you about the good news.

As of this post, every single book order destined to somewhere within the United States has been shipped. So if you ordered a book, and haven’t received it yet, it is now in the mail on its way to you.

Now I just have to finish the remaining international orders, and I’m all done! Yay!

I’m currently downloading the latest World of Warcraft patch, which will finally add the Hunter class, as well as some other nifty features.

I had a really fun time in the game last night. I grouped with a couple of fans, did some quests, hung out, explored. It was awesome. I think that for my vacation I’m just going to play World of Warcraft for a week straight.

Really quickly, I want to touch on the Mac vs PC argument that Hawk and I apparently sparked around various locations on the internet, including our own inboxes. Listen guys, I draw a comic strip. You may have noticed. It’s about humor? Laughing? Entertainment?

When I make jokes, nothing is off limits. Everything and anything is fair game, if I can make a joke about it. this includes things I love and things I dislike. And it also includes making fun of things you may like. Pry the stick from your ass and stop taking yourself, or your choice of computer so seriously. Honestly.

Mac or PC. It’s a personal preference, an opinion. And there is no such thing as a right or wrong opinion. When I make jokes on Macs, that’s all it is. Joking around. I joke against PC’s too, or haven’t you noticed? Hawk and I have a friendly rivalry going. It’s fun and entertaining, and we poke fun at eachother, but I’m not burning Macs on his lawn or any of that shit. So all of you Mac/PC fanboys, take your bullshit arguments elsewhere.

We’re just having fun here.

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