March 10, 2006 by Tim

Well, today is the day. Digital Overload, the first ever Ctrl+Alt+Del LAN party, starts today! Man, I’m psyched.

I’ve got some last minute packing to do, but shortly I’ll be heading out on my way to Providence, Rhode Island for the opening of the doors this evening. It’s going to be three days of games, games and more games, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Comics won’t skip a beat while I’m away, as you’ve come to expect. I’ll probably be pretty tired come Monday, so there may be a late news post, or none at all.

If you aren’t attending Digital Overload, you can still keep up with what’s going on. Game Overdrive will be there all weekend, covering the event. They’ve set up a special page that will be updated regularly throughout the weekend, which you can find here. And if you can’t make it this year, I hope we see you at Digital Overload 2007!

I did end up grabbing G.R.A.W., just for the hell of it. I can tell it’s a game that I’ll invest a significant amount of time on single player mode before getting online (for those of you looking to catch me in a game). Certain games, like Fight Night, I shove the campaign mode out of the way and do nothing but online games. But Ghost Recon is more nuanced than that. I need to get a handle on the controls, the atmosphere, the tactics, etc.

But wow, that game is good looking.

Anyway, more on that next week. Have a great weekend everyone!

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