Mmmm, GamesCom

August 17, 2011 by Tim

Lots of great new info and trailers coming out of GamesCom this week, like this Guild Wars 2 video.

So far I generally don’t care about Valve’s DOTA2, but EA/Bioware just announced that they’re putting out a 6v6v6 MOBA set in the Warhammer Universe that has definitely caught my eye. Looks like it’s based off of Warhammer Online’s existing PVP stuff, which was my favorite aspect of that game, so I’ll definitely check it out when it launches.

And of course I’m regularly gobbling up every little tidbit of Dark Souls information that comes our way, and looking forward to the pain it’s going to bring next month. If it’s as challenging as Demon’s Souls, perfect. If it’s even harder… bring it on.

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