December 19, 2003 by Tim

So I went out and bought a cell-phone today. I used to have a cell-phone, but I had a really crappy plan, so I got rid of it thinking that I would buy a new one with a different plan. And then while I was shopping around, I started to realize that it was just really nice to be out of touch, with people unable to call me and bug the hell out of me wherever I was. And so I decided not to bother with a new phone.

But now I’m doing so much travelling, and I’m running a business and people need to be able to get in touch with me. So alas, I broke down and rejoined the world of the cellularly connected. I am a consumer whore.

And no, you cannot have my number.

Speaking of travelling, on Sunday I leave to fly down to Houston, Texas for a LAN party on Monday. Youe’re all welcome to come hang out.

If you need information on the LAN party, or want to sign up to attend, you need to contact Shaun.

You can call him at (832) 276-9302

Email him here.

His AIM name is guitarmonkey59, his ICQ # is 194124270, and you can find him on MSN under [email protected].

He’ll answer all of your questions.

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