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November 13, 2009 by Tim

I did pick up Modern Warfare 2, yes, I am one of the millions and millions. I played a little (and I mean really little) bit of it, and it looks good. Graphics are fantastic, looks like it will offer some fun action. I did notice that despite all of the advances they still haven’t managed to make the gun and arm jutting out from the bottom of your screen feel any less artificial, awkward and detached, but that’s no different from every first-person shooter ever, so it’s easily ignored.

I will play it, but Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t even begin to trump Dragon Age for me, and I’m not done playing around with that yet. To be honest, with all the other games coming out, I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if I didn’t give MW2 any attention until next year.

Still, I did draw a fair bit of amusement from this screenshot of the “MW2 Boycott Group”.

While I understand that there are no doubt some boycotters who stuck to their guns and did not purchase this game, I hope this serves to illustrate why so few people in the gaming community and industry take these “boycotts” seriously.

Quite frankly, when you get a group of people together around an idea that has absolutely no moral or legal backing, and essentially boils down to “I want”, you’re going to end up with the majority of “boycotters” with absolutely no conviction. They’ll stick with this idea of throwing around their purchasing power to try and get what they want just so long as it takes for them to realize they aren’t getting what they want, and then their “principles” go out the window. Everyone sees this, everyone knows this, and it really destroys any chance that honest-to-goodness stick-with-it protesters have of getting recognized.

(Though let’s be honest for a second… that boycott group could have had two, three, even four-hundred thousand stick-with-it members… in the face of nearly five-million games sold in a single day, that’s still a drop in the bucket.)

I’m just saying it would be nice to see less of this petitions and boycotts crap every time a game has a feature that you don’t like or want changed. I mean honestly, what other industry/community has to put up with this level of shit? You don’t see people boycotting James Cameron’s latest movie during filming because they don’t like a casting decision.

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