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September 29, 2006 by Tim

Graaarrr! As if there weren’t enough games coming out in the next few months to eat up what spare free time I manage to get, now Brian has gone and got me interested in Dawn of War.

With so many RTS games out there, I’d always just let Dawn of War float under my radar. I was never in to 40K, and I figured the game would only be really appealing to fans of the franchise. Like Brian. Brian is totally gay for the Tau, so he’s been pretty excited about Dark Crusade coming out in a couple of weeks.

Finally I broke down and downloaded the demo, because I’m always dragging him into new games, I figured the least I could do is see what he’s going on about. If for no other reason than to have more specific knowledge of the Tau with which to tease him. Also, Brian is really fun to play games with/against. He has this uncanny ability to pilot the largest tank or war machine he can find straight into the nearest body of water. Even on maps that have no water. He’s that good.

I ended up really enjoying it. It seems like a very solid RTS, with some cool units that have a great background history. It’s definitely something I could see myself getting into for a bit.

At least until I get bombarded with Battlefield 2142, Sam and Max, Neverwinter Nights 2, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance next month.

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