Natalie Triumphant

July 1, 2009 by Tim

The fundraiser for Natalie, Queen of Scots has resumed. They temporarily stopped after receiving over $18,000 in one day. They wanted to consult with a lawyer to confirm that this method of public fund-raising (since they aren’t straight donations) didn’t violate any SEC laws. Everything checks out and they are full steam ahead to try and get this movie made.

It looks like I’ll be attending Connecticon this year (only a few more days to pre-register for cheap!). It was up in the air for a while due to the new house and move and mountain of work and projects I have ahead of me, but I’ve decided we can make it happen.

I’ll be there in the same capacity as last year, merch, panels, hanging out chatting and doing sketches, etc. I’ll also be participating in the webcomic auction this year. You’ll be able to bid for a chance to become a character in an upcoming short story-arc in the comic. If you win, we’ll sit down at the convention and discuss what kind of character you want to be, I’ll sketch out some concepts for you, and you can take home the original sketches.

Additionally, if I have time before the event, I’ll be drawing up a limited edition poster of some sort as I usually do, the proceeds of which will go to the ASPCA.

So if you’re in the area, stop on by!

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