Need… more… power…

September 12, 2003 by Tim

Comic. Comic. COMIC!

Oh, and I also did a guest comic for Little Gamers. Go check it out.

So I’ve started to look into building a new computer for Ctrl+Alt+Del. Some of you may not realize it but my computer is the backbone of this comic strip. Without my computer I can’t color and assemble the strip, adminstrate this website, download pr0n..

Wait.. I mean… shit.

Seriously though, the more work I do, the less my computer can handle it. I work with such large sizes in Photoshop that the program begins to bog down and makes it almost physically painful to do complicated effects and work with multiple layers.

So I am going to, as finances allow, begin piecing together a new computer that will hopefully be able to handle the work load I give it. I’ve started with this. What I really want advice on is a motherboard/CPU combo. I’m interested in what people would recommend.

Currently I’m running an Athlon Thunderbird, and I’ve always been rather partial to Athlon. It might be in part due to working at Best Buy when the Pentium 4 was released, and setting up the display model, only to smell smoke ten minutes later and realized that the processor has just melted itself right off the motherboard.

But I won’t rule out the possibility of getting a Pentium. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

And of course, any discounts or free stuff you can offer or point me in the direction of would be greatly appreciated.

I should also clarify that I am not looking at pre-made PC’s. I don’t like to buy PC’s that are already assembled, especially since I am more than capable of doing it myself.

To everyone who pre-ordered shirts: They will be shipping on Saturday morning. I spent a lot of time this week packaging them all, and will be bringing the first shipment to the post office on Saturday morning.

T-Shirts will be back up for sale next week.

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