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August 18, 2006 by Tim

So a game came along yesterday and managed to distract me from Dead Rising. Actually, it’s the only game on the planet right now that could distract me from Dead Rising. I’m talking about the Battlefield 2142 beta, and I’m really excited to help test and fine-tune this game. Unfortunately, there is an NDA, so I won’t be able to discuss any of it with you until they lift that. However, if any of you readers are in the beta, now or in the near future, drop me an email. Maybe we can get some squad action going.

Though I’m not allowed to talk about the game, Patrick O’Shaughnessy is, and it’s an interesting article about vehicle design.

This isn’t to say that Dead Rising has completely fallen by the wayside. No no, survival mode is still yet to be conquered. It’s just that now it is no longer my sole obsession. I am ambiobsessed.

I decided against Ninety-Nine Nights. As fun as the demo was, I just can’t see playing a whole game’s worth of nothing but that fighting over and over again.

It’s a shame that Age of Conan got pushed back, but between Dead Rising, BF2142, Dark Messiah, and any potential Wii/PS3 titles I find myself interested in, it’s turning out to be a happy end-of-year. I just wish I had more free time.

End of summer is usually a busy time around here, and this summer is proving no different. I’m finally getting around to finishing up work (extra comics) for Volume 3, so we can get that to the printer soon. I’m also trying to wrap up some other projects so they’ll be out before the end of the year. I can’t complain though- it’s all really fun, and one project in particular I’m super excited for you guys to see. I think you’ll really like it.

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