Nekocon is a go

October 8, 2003 by Tim

Important stuff today. Read it all. Or moogles will eat your brain.

So on a note entirely unrelated to today’s comic, I’ve been playing Savage for the last couple of days. I must say, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I feel that it will have to be the game for an upcoming CAD GameDay.

Aside from the fact that there is absolutely NO reason to play the humans, the game is very entertaining. Seriously though… of all the games I’ve played, the humans have never won a match. I hope s2 gets around to fixing this.

As far as this weekend… I owe you guys an America’s Army GameDay, so I’ll be following through with that. More details this weekend.

Big News
Well, it has been confirmed. I am going to be a guest at Nekocon in Virgina next month.

I’ll be doing some panels about web comics and whatnot, so you can come sit down and ask me questions about web comics in general, about Ctrl+Alt+Del specifically, or whatever.

I’ll also have some time scheduled to do signings… I’ll try to have free flyers or something to sign for people if they want. I’ll also be selling T-shirts and Posters (and signing those, if you choose). I’m hoping to have some of the new shirt designs with me, as well as maybe some console skins if they’re ready.

I’m pretty excited about it, and it should be a great time, so if you can make it, come on out and see me.
/Big News

Also, if you click on the button and below, you’ll get a sneak preview of a third T-Shirt design that will be coming to the CAD Store when it reopens in a week or two.

I think that’s it for today. I’ll post later on if I think of anything else you should know.

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