New Legendary Showdown!

May 15, 2017 by Tim

Ever wanted to play a card game where any of the first 44 Presidents of the United States could beat the shit out of Trump? Well, you’re in luck!

Last year I worked with Killer Robot Games to produce a Ctrl+Alt+Del-themed version of their card battling game Legendary Showdown. It was a fun project, and when they approached me to work on the art for their next game, it sounded like an interesting challenge; definitely outside my regular wheelhouse.

Nearly a hundred cards of new, original art later, Legendary Showdown: Presidential Edition is now available for backing on Kickstarter! It can be played by itself, or combined with any previous iterations of Legendary Showdown (in case you wanted to see if Chef Brian or Abraham Lincoln would win in a fight!) Head on over to check out the pledge options!

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