October 1, 2003 by Tim

Yes. News. Lots of it.

But guess what? It’s 6:43am where I am. I haven’t slept. Or have I slept? Was I dreaming? Have I been Tyler longer and longer?

It’s called a changeover. The movie keeps going, and nobody notices a thing.

My brain is slush. I could of course attempt to tell you about everything you need to know about. I could tell you about stuff like… stuff.

But my thoughts aren’t working properly. I would end up telling you about the blue glass of water on the desk next to me. You wouldn’t think I could fill an entire news post with talk about a glass of water. Oh but I could. Especially when I got into the part of what it was wearing.

So how about this. I go to sleep now. Then I wake up and come back here later to write you a real news post. Then you come back here later to read the real news post that I’m going to write you.

Because I can’t do it now.

I just cant. Later, yes. Now, no.

Here… knock yourself out.

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