No es problemo!

June 23, 2006 by Tim

I want to talk about Prey for a moment. This game wasn’t a bright blip on my radar until very recently. I saw it at E3, but didn’t pay attention to it. Sort of like a “Yeah, that looks neat, I– OOH! Dead Rising?!” sort of scenario. But the demo has dropped (for the PC at least… 360 owners are still gettin’ the shaft on this one), and I think that you should really go check it out.

If I had to call it, I’d say it was a mix between Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, with an original twist on it.You play an angsty Cherokee mechanic abducted from his reservation by aliens, at which point you awaken the spiritual powers inside of you handed down by your ancestors.

Yeah, when you say it like that… as Brian said when I told him about it, “That’s just about the lamest game plot I’ve heard, but I am downloading regardless.” As should you. Because as cheeseball as it may sound in text, it’s executed very well in the game. It does some really neat things that make the FPS feel fresh and exciting.

Plus, apparently there’s a gun that loads up acid cannisters, and you can spray acid at your enemies. Or you can fire the whole cannister and attempt to disintigrate someone with a single shot. How can you not want to give that a spin?

Sony has lost exclusivity on the GTA franchise, and when asked about it, they said they don’t see it as a problem for the PS3. What? I think they’re underestimating what a PS3-only GTA title could have done to help make their five-hundred dollar system sound more appealing. I’ll be buying a PS3 regardless, but still, they need all the help they can get. Especially with rumors that Microsoft is going to lower the price of the 360 around the time of the PS3 launch.

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