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So I downloaded the multiplayer beta for F.E.A.R. yesterday. I got a chance to play this game in single player mode courtesy of Microsoft while I was at E3, and I was really impressed.

I’m finding the multiplayer to be pretty entertaining, but it runs like shit on my machine, unfortunately. I’ve got a GeForce 6800 GT arriving on Monday to replace this FX 5700 which just isn’t cutting it anymore. From all I’ve read about the 6800GT, I’ll be all set. Until then however, I’ve gotta focus on the gameplay of F.E.A.R.

I already know it looks great, and although the multiplayer is pretty straightforward and doesn’t seem to incorporate the slow motion feature which made the single-player stand out among other FPS’s, playing online is strangely satisfying. It might be largely attributed to the ragdoll physics and the realistic ways your enemy’s body crumples after being aerated by your nailgun. Also, I’m sure the large amount of damage your stray bullets do to the nearby walls, floors and ceilings helps too.

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