Off for surgery

October 31, 2007 by Tim

So this will probably be my last newspost for a week or so. I’ve been getting a bunch of comics done in advance, because on Friday morning, I go in to have all four of my wisdom teeth pulled. I imagine my recovery will only take a few days (fingers crossed) but I’ve gone ahead and done all of next week’s comics anyway. If nothing else, I can relax and game a bit. While on painkillers.

Starting today, if you jump on Xbox Live, you can now purchase the first Ctrl+Alt+Del Gamer Picture Pack. It’s 200 points, and while I’m not sure how much that equals in human dollars, I am told that is a fairly standard rate for these kinds of things. Additionally, the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series Season One is now available on Xbox Live. I believe the episodes are 250 points each. You can find all of it on the Marketplace listed under “Blind Ferret Entertainment”, the producers of the animated series (GamerPics and Themes > New Arrivals >Blind Ferret Entertainment > Picture Pack… episodes are under Game Videos somewhere).

I know the listing for the picture pack says “eleven” pictures, but I assure you, there are twenty pictures there. I was told to do ten, I did eleven, then a few weeks later they came back and asked for nine more, but apparently that change never made it into the description. Just an assortment of characters. If these do alright we’ll definitely make another pack, and I’ll collect some feedback as far as what characters you want.

I’ll do a theme eventually, I just need to find time to create some artwork for it.

I’ve got a couple of new shirt designs that I’m hoping we’ll have out before Christmas. The first is pretty self explanatory:

This next shirt is a really reworked version of the Church of Gaming tee that I posted a while back. I made some real changes and then took it to the forums to get feedback. Based on that, I made some more changes. Originally the shirt was supposed to a tee-shirt version of the Priest getup that Ethan wore in that storyline. But just the D+Pad at the neckline isn’t enough for a shirt, and adding stuff just seemed to wreck the intention, so I ended up just going in a different direction. Sort of a “gothic-ish” religious look for the overall shirt. The small print on the front says “Est. 2007”.

I started playing Tabula Rasa yesterday. I’m Vithran Canova on Pegasus if anyone wants to say hello. But I wouldn’t count on seeing me around this weekend, as I’ll be laid up. And if I’m feeling up to computer gaming this weekend, I’ll mostly be on EQ2 (on Nagafen, also as Vithran), because they’re doing this special event where booster packs and starter decks will have a chance to drop as loot from monsters. Man, I sure have been suckered in by this.

My first reaction was “CCG packs are going to drop from these giant rats and wolves? Are you serious?” But then I figure, “Hey, it’s a one weekend special event, and it’s free cards. Why the hell not?”

I played in a tournament for the card game this past weekend. I came in 68th out of 128, so I guess you could say I juuuuust slid in on the losing half. Was kind of fun though.

Guitar Hero 3… I think I’m just about done with it. I’ll hang on to the game and guitars, because if nothing else we can use them at Digital Overload next year. But I’ll tell you, right now it’s completely up in the air which game we run a tournament for (GH3 or Rock Band).

I can say (with more than a little satisfaction) that we’re dumping Counter-strike from the tournament list this year, and replacing it with Team Fortress 2.

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