Oh the positions

May 18, 2009 by Tim

Okay, I lied. This is not actually how the UFC started. You know, just in case anyone writes a book report on the subject.

I jest knowing full well that any UFC fighter is about four-hundred times tougher than I am, and could tear my face off with one finger for even suggesting there is anything homoerotic about their sport.

Seriously though, mixed martial arts is a pretty gnarly sport, and I’ve been a fan of UFC for years. I tried to get Britanny to watch it with me once, and about five minutes in one fighter caught an elbow to the face and his nose exploded into a fountain of blood. I think that’s about when she was finished with watching UFC. Ever.

I’m really psyched for UFC:Undisputed this week. The demo, while complicated, really impressed me with its combat system and flurry of available counters.

There was a UFC game ages ago for the Dreamcast that was really enjoyable, if a little bit stiff in the controls. Me and my best bud had a really great system where he’d win all the time, and I’d break controllers in frustration. Even still, it was a fun game. So I’m really looking forward to finding a little time for Undisputed to learn the ins and outs of the combat system, and see how I fare. It should be a great time.

At least until Fight Night Round 4 comes out… *cough*

In other news, in case you missed it, we have a slew of new shirts in the store. Yes, you heard me right. A slew.

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