February 20, 2004 by Tim

Imagine my surpise when I realized that I completely MISSED Wednesday’s news post. Sorry if any of you thought I was, I don’t know… DEAD.

I’ve been pretty busy. It all started out innocently enough- attempting to get both of my computers functioning. I moved all pertinant files from the old rig over to the new spiffy-machine. Once I was satisfied that I had all of the important stuff I wanted, I decided to reformat the hard drive on the old pc and do a fresh install of windows. It wasn’t going to be that simple. I ran into multiple errors along the way resulting of god-knows-what, and what should have been an hour long reformat turned into some three or four hours of pain.

I finally got the old rig up and running better than ever, when the heatsink starts screaming bloody mary at me. I’ve heard cats caught under the wheels of dumptrucks that sounded more pleasing than this thing. So of course I have to go out and buy myself a new heatsink. And I start pulling apart the computer to install it, and I realize how horribly dusty it is inside there. So I decide to take EVERYTHING out and clean it up before putting it back together. So again, a quick little project turned into a big ordeal.

On top of getting my computers working (they are currently both running wonderfully and juuuust how I want them), I’ve been working on the new designs for the store, which are now available for purchase.

There are two new CAD designs. A CAD Logo shirt and a L337 University shirt. We are currently taking pre-orders for them. These may only be offered for a limited time, depending on sales, so if you want one, act soon.

The other design is from Konsekai: Swordwaltzer. It’s a very slick design, from an incredibly involved comic.

I’ll be at I-CON next month, but in the meantime I’m hard at work on the first CAD Comic Book, and I’ve also started taking steps towards putting together a printed collection of CAD strips.

It’s been a tough concept to deal with. First of all, I don’t feel the artwork in the early strips (all strips up until today, hehe) is worth printing. I struggled with the idea of redrawing the strips, but then came the question of “at what point do I stop redrawing?”. And there is also the point that the early strips show a progression to our current point.

So I think I’ve finally decided to leave the early strips as they are. The next hurdle came in the form of color or grayscale. My reasonings are these: Grayscale would be much more affordable. The full color versions are available on the site anyway. The early artwork doesn’t deserve color.

So if you’d like to write to me, I’d love to hear your opinions. First and foremost whether or not you’re interested in buying a printed collection, and secondly whether or not color/grayscale would influence that decision for you.

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