Omnibus poll

November 20, 2014 by Tim

A few weeks ago I mentioned a hypothetical Ctrl+Alt+Del 1.0 “boxed set.” A book set collecting the first ten years of comic strips in one place. While it’s way, way too early to really go into much detail, I had also discussed a potential format for these books, in which all of the original Ethan and Lucas strips could be separated into their own books, and then the one shots would be separated as well.

We’re talking about over 1800 comic strips here, so let’s imagine it was a three book set. We’d have two volumes of Ethan and Lucas stuff, and a volume of the random other stuff.

The benefit of this is that people could ready everything with Ethan and Lucas straight through if they chose, without being interrupted by the one-shots that don’t feature them.

Alternatively, the boxed set could just be everything from the first ten years, in the same order they were published and the same order they appear in the archives.

I’d like to guage your thoughts on this with a handy poll:

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