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June 21, 2006 by Tim

I’m sure most gamers are familiar with Uwe Boll. He’s that director that butchers video game movie adaptions that few people cared about in the first place. Recently the internet-wide critisicms of his movies got so loud that he issued a statement challenging his most vocal detractors to a boxing match. “Put up, or shut up”, I believe is the phrase. I’m not actually signing up or anything; I learned long ago that Uwe’s movies were bad, and not I simply just don’t watch them. But I’ve heard that list to go toe to toe with Uwe is filling up pretty fast.

Speaking of movies, how come Superman Returns isn’t here yet? I demand my man in tights.

There was a rumor recently that Psychonauts was finally going to be added to the Xbox 360 backwards compatability list, but the rumor was squashed just as quickly. The guys at Microsoft will try, but there are no guarantees they can get Psychonauts running on the 360. Next to The Warriors, Psychonauts is the primary title I’m craving backwards compatability for.

By the way, if you’ve been itching for some Prey, GameSpot has the jump on the demo. They’re releasing it first at 9pm PT tonight, supposedly.

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