One more day!

March 18, 2013 by Tim

Well, only one more day until the sole reason I own a Wii U comes out: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

MH3U is essentially an updated version of MH Tri which came out on the Wii a few years ago. They’ve taken the game, added a bunch of new monsters, all of the weapon types that were missing, a couple of new areas, and slapped a updated polish on… well, most of the game. I say most because some aspects of the game, like environments, clearly got a little bit less HD texture love than the monsters themselves.

Regardless, MH3U is still the best looking Monster Hunter to date, and I’m psyched to dive into it. Normally I might not be quite so excited about playing a game that, for the most part, I put over 100 hours into just a few years ago, but Monster Hunter is one of those games that I’m always ready to play more of.

And we don’t get a lot of Monster Hunter in North America, so I have to enjoy every bit I can. Plus, it will tide me over until Monster Hunter 4 makes its way over here.

Once I figure out what I need to post in order to connect with readers for some Monster Hunting through the game’s fairly archaic multiplayer lobby system, I’ll do so. I’d imagine that my Twitter feed will be the best place to watch for finding me for a hunt.

My wife and I went away this past weekend, and we took the Xbox with us. We managed to dive into Tomb Raider during some downtime, and we’re about halfway through it now. I’m loving it. Sure, there’s a little bit of “And now suddenly the inexperienced girl that crashed on the island is murdering hundreds of people without batting an eyelash” weirdness, but it actually doesn’t detract from the game at all.

The set pieces are mind-blowing, some of the puzzles are clever, and overall (so far), the story and character are really entertaining. I hope they’re already at work on another one.

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