One week and counting

February 27, 2009 by Tim

One week from today everyone attending Digital Overload will be in Providence, Rhode Island for a weekend filled with gaming, tournaments and prizes. One week from today everyone not attending Digital Overload can stop listening to me talk about it in every newspost. At least until we start gearing up for Digital Overload 2010.

If you are attending, today is your last day to edit your registration profile. This means you should take the opportunity to log in at the Digital Overload website and make sure all of your listed equipment is up to date, so that we can get you checked in faster. Most importantly, if you have not clarified whether you are bringing a PC or a Console, and intend to bring one of these items, you need to do so today.

Our BYOC is going to be full to the brim this year, which means that if you didn’t tell us you were bringing a PC, and then you show up with one, you may end up waiting to be seated. Do yourself a favor and make sure your registration profile has all of the necessary information.

We will be selling weekend Spectator Badges at the door again for $20 a piece. Spectator Badges offer exactly what it sounds like, an opportunity to come into the hall and hang out, and that’s it. Spectators are not allowed to enter or exit the hall with any equipment, and not allowed to participate in any raffles, contests or tournaments.

I mentioned earlier in the week that there’d be a contest to win a signed copy of Square-Enix’s upcoming Valkyrie Profile for the Nintendo DS. Click the huge honkin’ image below for all the juicy details.

Ok, I think that’s all the important stuff for the time being… I’ll try and pull myself away from, umm, “work” later on to talk about Killzone 2, which I certainly will not be playing instead of doing work.

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