Otakon this weekend

July 20, 2007 by Tim

Friday evening I fly down to Baltimore for Otakon. I will be there, at a table, Saturday midday only. For how long exactly, I cannot say, but I am planning to hit the table around 11am(ish). I’ll probably be there for a few hours, and then who knows. We’ll see how things are swingin’.

I’ll have a limited number of Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume Three and Analog and D+Pad Issue #1 with me. So if you want a signed book… get there soon!

Zack will also be with me, and signing the comic book and the 11″x17″ poster he whipped up for the convention. As I’m not doing any other conventions this year, this will probably be the only time the poster is available.

Additionally, I will have some various art prints you can buy on the cheap. I don’t know, a couple of dollars, whatever covers the cost of printing them. But as I said, I can only be around on Saturday. Zack will most likely stick around the table all day, and you can commission from him the sketchy work.

Our table is in the artist alley. It’s a big room, and I don’t know if they’ll be listing the tables in the program book. Additionally, since I’m flying down and only for the day, I’m not bringing any fancy booth decorations. We’re bare-bonesing it this weekend, so we may be hard to spot. That’s why I recommend using this handy dandy map I have for you. As far as I know, we are at F5. We’ll find out when we show up on Saturday.

I think that’s all… see some of you Saturday!

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