Patreon Reward Tier Update

April 22, 2015 by Tim

For the past year I’ve been having a blast creating unique content for my Patrons, from exclusive comic strips featuring the top tier Patrons as characters, to wallpapers and behind-the-scenes peeks at projects I’m working on.

Going forward, I’ll be adding a new reward to the mix. Starting today, each month my $5+ Patrons will receive an exclusive Ethan and Lucas One Shot comic strip. This comic will take place within the new Analog and D-Pad canon, and will feature the cast doing things outside of the adventures we see in the ongoing comic issues. Working at their game store, playing and commenting on games, experimenting with their powers and abilities, etc.

The comics will take place inbetween the issues, and while they may mention things that have happened in the main issues, the main issues will never rely on information only found in the One Shots, so that this remains an entirely optional addition to the overall arc.

There are also new Milestones, which will add additional Ethan and Lucas One-Shots for all Patrons, should we reach them.

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