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September 24, 2003 by Tim

First off, as of this writing there are only a few hours left to bid on some original CAD artwork. I don’t do this very often, so now is your chance.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was downloading a couple of demos, namely The War of the Ring and the Shadowbane 10 day trial.

I fired up War of the Ring first, and it only took me five minutes to realized I had already played this game, except when I had played it they called it Warcraft 3 and it was much better. But I decided to give it a chance and continued playing. I was not entirely impressed. And Legolas annoyed the shit out of me.

I have, however, installed and activated the Shadowbane trial. I wasn’t immediately wowed by everything, though a few things certainly did open my eyes (like the dwarves). I’m willing to give this game a whirl. So much so in fact, that I’ve decided to make a little event out of it.

This Saturday at 12pm EST, I am going to log into the game on the Chaos server. I invite anyone who can make it, whether you already play Shadowbane or just download the free trial, to join me. We’ll make a bunch of level one characters and spend the afternoon goofing around, leveling up, making jokes and just having a good time.

I am currently downloading the demo for Return of the King. Hopefully this will actually provide me with some entertainment.

The Forums are back up with a spiffy new designs, and some really cool features on the way. If you want to hang out with other CAD lovers, sign up and start posting.

And finally, with TWC being down and all of you looking for some buttons to click, you can go ahead and pound on the bright orange one below. Because you need to. You know you do.

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