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October 30, 2009 by Tim

Both seasons of the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated series are now available for pre-order here. You can buy them individually, or you can purchase both for a discount. Additionally if you subscribed to Season Two online, you should have received a coupon in the email you registered with for 50% off the purchase of the Season 2 DVD.

The DVDs are expected to start shipping in late November, in time for a Christmas arrival (depending on shipping method) if you’re looking for great gift ideas. Also Volume 2 of the new Ctrl+Alt+Del paperback collection hits bookstores this month. Head out to your local book store or comic shop and ask about it!

I’m excited about Dragon’s Age: Origins next week, and I’ll be grabbing it for the PC. With a game like this that is looking to offer the community an incredibly powerful toolset for additional user-created content, I can’t fathom buying this for a console if you had a choice in the matter.

The following week appears to be Modern Warfare 2, which you may have heard causing a rucking over the removal of dedicated servers. On a personal level, I could probably not care less. If they feel the new system they’re developing is in the best interest of the game, so be it.

However, at the same time I am increasingly irritated that games more and more games are latching onto online connectivity in an all-or-nothing manner like this. I understand that most everyone has access to constant, high-speed internet at this point, and it opens up a lot of opportunities for our IWNETS and Battle.NETs, but at the same time, a lot of us do get together in the same room to play games sometimes. Internet shouldn’t be a necessity.

First Starcraft 2, and now Modern Warfare 2, both games that we at Digital Overload would have jumped to provide tournaments for, will now require an internet connection to play. And while it’s not the end of the world, I do think it’s silly that you need to connect online through remote servers just to play with the dude sitting right next to you.

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