Alright, my spotlight is still up at I Is A Geek if you haven’t checked it out yet and want to.

A couple of you have noticed that I have put up the posters in the store for pre-orders. That’s basically the gist of it. I will not begin shipping them until I get back from ConnectiCon in July, but you can gaurantee yourself a copy (or two) by ordering now. This will also help me better judge how much stock I need in shipping supplied, and will help me reduce the possibility of back orders. I tried to keep the posters as cheap as possible, while still covering my shipping and packaging costs.

So to reiterate, this is a pre-order situation only. If you buy a poster, you are gauranteed a poster. They do not start shipping until after the convention in July though.

Also, at some point today I will be closing down the Cafe Press shops that host our T-Shirts. These designs will be retired, so if you want to grab them for collector’s sake, now is the time.

At some point, after ConnectiCon, maybe sometime in August, I will be unveiling the new line of CAD T-Shirts. I will be handling the production of these shirts myself, as opposed to an automated service like Cafe Press. As such, these shirts will also work on a pre-order system, as it’s the only way I can afford to have them made. Keep an eye out for those in a month or two.

I’ll also be making an announcement about yet another project I’ve signed onto in about a week or so. So stay tuned to the news post for that announcement when we officially launch.

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