Pumpkins and stuff

October 31, 2003 by Tim

First of all, Happy Halloween everyone. I’m sure a lot of you are heading out tonite, so I just want to say be safe and don’t eat any syringe-shaped candy.

There’s only one week left until Nekocon. I’ll be there all weekend as a guest, so swing by and say hi.

In other news, OH DEAR GOD YES! Fucking took them long enough. Now we only have a year left to wait. Yes, I know it’s made by the director who did Resident Evil. A guy can still hope, can’t he?

I’ve got a large shipment of shirts coming via UPS today, which I will get packaged over the weekend and mail out on Monday. Ninety-five percent of you that ordered shirts and don’t have them yet, will be receiving them next week.

Also, for America’s Army fans, version 2.0 is supposed to go live later this month. Supposedly on the 20th.

That’s all for now. Boo.

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