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October 12, 2013 by Tim

It’s been a few days, so you now all have a pretty decent idea of what this storytelling format looks like.

If you dig it, but you don’t want to wait to read one page a day, I am offering the option for you to purchase a high-resolution PDF of the entire story up front for $2.99.

I want to be clear, that this is strictly an option. The story will continue to update over the next three weeks if you want to wait and read it that way. However some people prefer to read stories at their own pace, and I want to accomodate that.

This is a new service I’ve never used before, but it should automate the process of providing you a secure download link to your PDF immediately after purchase. This struck me as a better route than having people sitting around waiting for me to email them their story.

The Campaign: The Evil Within (High-res PDF, 25 pages)

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Please email me if you have any troubles purchasing/accessing your product via this service.


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