Raid on Goldshire

August 16, 2005 by Tim

The Rapscallions harried Goldshire and Elwynn Forest tonight.

Staging in Grom’Gul before the trip north.

We arrive en masse on the beaches of Westfall…

And proceed to tear across the open plains and farmlands, killing everything in our path.

Things began to go well once we hit Goldshire.

…Until someone killed a civilian. The guards of Stormwind would not stand for it, and quickly divided our ranks which led to ruin.

By the time we got back to our corspes, the Alliance forces had been alerted and rallied the troops to keep us at bay.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to regroup, we abandonded our attack on the town, and took refuge in a nearby farmhouse. Obviously we had to slaughter the occupants. We made stew from their bones while we rested and formed a new attack strategy.

We made our way back to Westfall and stayed mobile, claiming at least a few dozen Alliance lives before we were surrounded and destroyed.

We hearthed back to the dark corners of Horde territory to nurse our hatred of the Alliance, and to plan our next attack…

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