Rainbow Six Siege

January 4, 2017 by Tim

Picked up Rainbow Six Siege over the holiday. I played very briefly during some open beta thing before launch, but was too busy with other things when the game came out. Still, heard good things about it and always wanted to play more.

Going in I guess I knew that starting fresh against people who may have been playing for a year or so was probably going to be a little rough, but holy hell, nothing could have prepared me for the number of times I’ve died because someone saw my toe peeking out under a doorway.

RSS is, as I’ve come to discover, a game that is entirely about the angles. And working the angles means you need to know the maps, which puts a newbie like me into a position of constantly sticking me ass out into view of enemy rifles. It’s also what makes the game so compelling, the nice mix between frantic twitch shooting and slow, methodical creeping, and using various tools to suss out where your opponents are.

It feels crummy when you misplay things… forgetting that an enemy can see your feet below a door barricade, and can also shoot through that door barricade, for instance. But on the flip side. when things go right, it feels really, really good. I could probably cherry pick a few minutes worth of plays that would make me look like a RSS god, as long as we ignore the other ten hours of footage.

I’m also celebrating my one year anniversary of playing Galaxy of Heroes. Started on Christmas afternoon, 2015 and, incredibly, have not missed a day since. Gods help me.

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