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August 2, 2006 by Tim

I think the Steel Potatoes Chromehounds Squad is full. It’s a shame they cap it at twenty people. I guess I understand the reasoning though.

Street Fighter 2 hit XBL last night. I only played it for a moment, but hot damn that brought back some memories. I still love that ridiculous punch in the opening credits.

But now that Street Fighter is out of the way, we can hurry up and receive Castle Crashers. Gimme gimme gimme.

Also there’s a rumor floating around that soon we’ll get an announcement about when the Dead Rising demo comes to XBL. If it doesn’t come out before next Tuesday, it does me no good. Fingers crossed.

And the Saints Row demo also hit XBL, and I took it for a spin. While I would prefer playing a gangster working my way up in an organized crime organization, rather than a gangster working my way up in the projects, it was still somewhat entertaining. The voice acting was too much. Not bad, but too over-the-top, I think.

I love that you can create a character though. I made a fat white dude with blond cornrows. He was such a little bitch.

The controls seemed a bit… sloppy to me. Graphics and physics were great, better than GTA, but the controls weren’t up to par. Still though, probably won’t be a bad game.

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