Red Undead Redemption

July 12, 2010 by Tim

Recently Rockstar unveiled their plans for a slew of upcoming DLC packs (four of them) for their latest hit, Red Dead Redemption. The content brings a ton of new content and features, including adding poker to multiplayer (woohoo!) and… zombies?

At first glance the addition of Zombies to the western action game seems like an odd choice, even despite the zombie-fever geekdom has been gripped by the last five or six years. What I find amusing is that had they been included in the game when it launched, as part of some weird, supernatural questline, people may not have even thought twice about it. But the addition of zombies as a standalone add-on makes their addition to the world seem more out of place.

Still, I’ve got my money on that particular pack being released this October just in time for Halloween. The theme plus the “fall” release date makes that incredibly likely, and a lot of games add zombies for holiday festivities.

Additionally, since that’s the last of the scheduled DLC packs, likely sitting in October, and the first of them is scheduled for late August, it looks like we could be receiving a bunch of new DLC content in a very short time. I think this is a better approach than the one taken with Grand Theft Auto 4, whereby DLC additions didn’t come out until years after the game was released. I’ll bet a lot of people didn’t even bother with them. These days most of us have more games than we have time to play, without adding in games from years past.

I know I made DLC a topic here a couple of weeks ago, and there are a lot of people for it, and a lot of people against it. Still, I’d argue that even if you don’t typically go for DLC, you could look at the proposed Red Dead Redemption additions as a good example of content that will be worth the admission price.

At a tentative $10 per pack, each DLC looks to add a wealth of addition to both the single player and the multiplayer portions of the game. The first DLC pack alone offers, among other things, nine new multiplayer maps. If you enjoy RDR multiplayer, that alone extends the life of the title a great deal.

I’m in a bit of a RDR lull at the moment, but once this DLC starts dropping, I can definitely see a number of reasons to fire up the game again.

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