September 10, 2014 by Tim

Started into Destiny last night. Mostly retreading ground I’d already seen in the alpha/beta tests. On the paper, Destiny almost seems like a game that shouldn’t hold my attention. And yet I found myself saying “one more mission”, or “let me just see what’s down this tunnel” quite a few times.

While the guns aren’t as spectacularly plentiful and random as Borderlands, there are at least more types of loot. Helmets and gloves etc, which alter the look of your character. That makes up for it to some degree.

Right now, it’s hard for me to say whether I’ll be playing Destiny in a month’s time. If it will keep drawing me back in after I’ve had a decent helping of swapping out gear and trudging through the crucible. For all its flash and hype, bells and whistles, if you look too close it really does start to resemble “just another shooter.”

My PSN handle is CADTim, feel free to shoot me a friend request and maybe we’ll end up running and gunning together.

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