Ryzom Screenshot Contest

November 1, 2006 by Tim

the makers of Ryzom, are advertising with us this month, and they’ve
given me a bunch of full-access, one-month trial keys to do with as I
please. So I’m having a little contest to give the keys away.

So here are the basic rules:

  • The
    screenshot must be show Ryzom or Ryzom ring material. You can find one
    online to use, or snap a screenshot in-gam.
  • Photoshop or image editing IS allowed. You can add
    effects, word balloons, captions, cut and paste characters from other
    screenshots, etc.
  • Screenshots will be
    judged by me alone, based on a variety of factors such as originality,
    creativity, humor, skill and the purposefully vague “cool factor”.
  • Screenshots should be no larger than 1600×1200
  • Submissions should be sent to cad.contest (at) gmail.com, and you MUST write the category you are submitting to in the subject line.
  • All entries must be received by 12pm (noon) EST on Friday, November 3rd. I will try
    to have the winners notified by Friday evening, in time for the GameDay
    on Saturday.
  • Any entries not following these guidelines will be burned and urinated upon.

So, the categories for the screenshots will be as follows (humor is welcome in all categories):

  • Comedy: Pretty
    straightforward- make me laugh. Either just a visually funny
    screenshot, or funny through dialogue, captions, or other creative
  • Action: A
    screenshot that shows some sort of awesome action. A fight, a pose,
    something. Humor is, as always, welcome, but the core element of the
    screenshot should be something action-y.
  • Photochopped:
    The best use of image editing. Be it combining elements of screenshots,
    adding effects, or whatever. The most skillful use of editing wins here.
  • Dramatic: The most dramatic pose, most dramatic lighting, most dramatic scenery, dialogue, etc.
  • Ring Use: Coolest use of the Ryzom Ring editor.

will be awarded just to the best of the best. Any keys that I don’t give away will be awarded in-game
during the GameDay on Saturday.

The GameDay will be from 5pm EST – 8pm EST. More details in the official thread.

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