July 28, 2003 by Tim

Help me. Please.

I haven’t much time… I can hear it coming back for me. How I escaped to write you this letter of distress I do not know… but time is running out.

I was betrayed. I thought it was my friend, but I now see it was a horrible, horrible ruse, a trick to lure me into a state of opulence. I now see the true nature of this beast, a manipulative, cunning, heartless creature, who’s sole purpose is to consume.

To consume me. I can feel it happening. I can feel it taking over. I know of no cure, and I know not what to do. I am losing myself… my will is breaking.

It will not be much longer before I succumb to its grasp.. before my very existence is forfeit. I weep for the joys I will never know, and for the regrets of my past.

I solemnly doubt that this plea will reach you in time. Even as I write these words, I can feel my grasp fading. I fear I am already too far gone.

I can hear it coming for me now. Deep down I know that I no longer have the strength to fight it. Flee. Save yourself.

It has come for me again.

KOTOR has me.

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