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July 18, 2005 by Tim

ConnectiCon was the first convention I ever attended as the artist of Ctrl+Alt+Del, back in 2003. Some of you may recall reading 2004’s convention report. I have attended ConnectiCon for the past three years, because it has become more than just a convention to me. It is run and attended by very, very good friends of mine. It is an experience I look forward to every year, and it is very close to my heart.

ConnectiCon is now in trouble.

More importantly, Matt Daigle and Briana Benn, two people that I consider to be some of my closest friends, are in trouble.

Previously ConnectiCon was run on a college campus. After the convention last year, the management for the college changed, and quadrupled the rental prices, effectively putting ConnectiCon out of a home. Matt and Briana were forced with deciding to cancel the event, or find a new venue.

The Connecticut Convention Center was being built, and would be opening just in time for ConnectiCon 2005. It was more expensive than previous years, but still less expensive than it would have been to stay at the campus. So they took a risk.

Even though ConnectiCon 2005 was bigger and better than ever, they ended $35,000 in debt, due to all of the additional fees involved with working at a venue like this. So now not only is ConnectiCon 2006 in danger, but Matt and Briana’s futures are in danger as well.

Aside from being my friends for the past three years, Matt and Briana have given me a wonderful convention experience each year. I have never been to any convention that treated webcomic guests as well as ConnectiCon. Matt and Briana love , respect and admire webcomics, and it shows in the sheer number of creators and events they host each year.

And now they are in trouble. Myself and dozens of other creators have banded together to try and help save Matt and Briana, and save the convention that has treated us so well over the years. The convention that we have come to love.

We are asking for donations for the Save ConnectiCon Fund. I personally will be putting original signed artwork and merchandise up on eBay to help raise money. We are working on a donation-only section of the website where you will be able to access exclusive comics and content from dozens of your favorite webcomics.

We need your assistance. Please help us save our ConnectiCon. Just click on the banner below.

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