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April 18, 2007 by Tim

First of all, just a reminder that you can pre-order the first season of Ctrl+Alt+Del: The Animated Series on DVD until May 4th. The 2-disc collector’s edition, with a 30 minute video featurette, is only available during the pre-order.

I want to bring your attention to a couple of sci-fi action RPG’s coming out this year that I’m pretty psyched about, Mass Effect and Too Human.

Mass Effect is being developed by Bioware, so anyone who has played KOTOR should be rightfully excited. The game is supposed to massive, so fingers crossed it comes out this summer (the last estimated release date I’ve heard). It’s an RPG, with all that the genre entails (inventory, deep character customization, expansive story), but has real-time combat, in an over-the-shoulder style reminiscent of G.R.A.W. But you’re also supposed to still be able to pause the game, and issue orders to your squad (similar to how you could do it in KOTOR. Check out the X06 gameplay video if you haven’t seen it.

Too Human is a little bit further down the track, probably coming out towards the end of the year. Too Human had a rocky showing at E3 last year. You may have heard about it. They gameplay they showed was choppy and unfinished, and a lot of press outlets bitched up a storm. Personally I consider a game in development up until it’s in my hands as a finished product, and judging it as a finished product any time before that is stupid. A preview is supposed to be “this is what we’re working on” not “this is the game you’re getting”.

The game is shaping up, though. I’m more and more excited for the game as I see more footage. Check out this video (the Too Human stuff is at the beginning. Ignore the girl who seems like she’s pretending she’s ever play a video game in her life).

In closing, I have one more video for you. Pretty nifty stuff, though I’m not sure about the Matrix cliches and music. Monty is definitely a talented individual though.

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