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April 29, 2009 by Tim


So I believe that today is the official release date for ‘This Is A Great Idea: Ctrl+Alt+Del Volume One’ in book stores. Some places did release it early, I’ve been getting emails for the last week or so that people have seen it on shelves in their local bookstores/comic book shops. But as of today it should be available everywhere. If your store doesn’t have it in stock, just ask the person at the counter, they will be able to order it for you.

I want to clarify some of the differences between these retail books and the books we sell through SplitReason.

The books we sell online, directly to the fans (and yes, we will be reprinting Volume Two and Volume Four will be out soon), are 5.5″x8″, and roughly 176 pages. They contain commentary on every page and bonus materials/comics at the end, and sell for $19.99.

The books you’ll see in retail stores are a larger 8″x10″, but with fewer pages/comics (136). These books contain no commentary or bonus strips retail for $12.95.

There are some minor changes to comics between the two books, but nothing big.

If you’ve already started buying books from us directly online, should you go out and buy the new series? No, not necessarily. I will continue to publish fan-direct editions of the books with commentary and bonuses, and you can continue to collect those if you wish.

If you have not purchased a book yet, due to not being able to order online, or you just prefer the ease of walking into your local bookstore, you now have an available option. Or, you know, if you just have to collect every various edition of the books.

So head on down to your local bookstore and pick up/request a copy.

Volume Two of the retail series is scheduled to come out this fall.

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