Server stuff, and Heroes talk (spoilers)

September 26, 2007 by Tim

Regarding the issues with the advertisements and our forums, there is a
small technical issue with the server on which those two systems
reside. The server monkeys are aware of it, and working to fix whatever
has been exploding.

And how about Heroes, huh?! I’m most confused about what’s up with
Nathan. It would make sense that he got burned up pretty badly while
carrying Peter to explode in the sky. But why isn’t it showing? Why did
he only see a flash of it in the mirror? Or was he healed? Argh!

And Peter… glad to see he isn’t dead, I didn’t expect he would be,
but why did the Haitian wipe his memory? That’s my assumption because
he’s wearing the Haitian’ necklace when the Irish find him. We know
that the Haitian worked for Angela Petrelli, so she must have ordered

Actually I’m glad to see that nobody really died (Matt, Nathan, etc)
though it would have given the show a sense of real mortality for the
characters. Oh well. Good stuff.

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