Sheesh… is it Wednesday already?

January 21, 2004 by Tim

Well, 80% of my stuff is now in boxes. I have some clothes, my computer stuff, my TV and my Xbox/Gamecube out. That’s it. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.

Let’s see… first things first. I moved all of the Winter-een-mas stuff into it’s own section in the Funbox. As you can see, there is a section for Winter-een-mas 2004. That’s this year. So I want pictures from your holiday celebrations! I’ll put them up in that section for everyone to enjoy. The pictures should be no wider than 450 pixels.

Winter-een-mas is starting to pop up all over the internet. I even saw a couple of entries in those urban dictionaries. Pretty fun stuff.

I’m sure most of you who game have noticed that this is a pretty dead season for gaming. There is a distinct lack of good new stuff coming out. Which is fine with me because at the moment I have a distinct lack of funds to spend on games.

But it’s sort of weird.. there really aren’t very many must-have new games coming out at the moment. I personally have been passing the time with Crimson Skies and Viewtiful Joe.

I did, however, download the Prince of Persia PC demo last night, and started playing with that. I had never touched it before because my girlfriend told me it was too predictable. Now, I’ve always known she’s smarter than me, and perhaps I’m just too dim, but I actually enjoyed the demo. Who knows. Maybe I’ll pick it up some time. It got excellent reviews.

At the moment I’m downloading the demo for Far Cry. There’s been a bit of talk around this one, so I’m anxious to see how it holds up.

Anyway, I’ll make a post right before I pack up my beloved computers and move to a strange new place, where I’ll be disconnected from the internet, and thus the entirety of civilization for god knows how long. I’ll post to say my farewells in case the process of this move eats me alive.

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