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November 25, 2011 by Tim

Through Digital Overload sponsorship the last five years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Andrew, the man behind SUMO. I’ve also gotten used to seeing him bring out new SUMO chairs every few months, but recently I stumbled on their “High End” section. Holy mackeral.

Not only do they now sell a SUMO egg chair, but they’ve finally created and honest-to-goodness SUMO sofa, the Split. Previously the term “Sumo Split” might have brought to mind some fairly sweaty and unsavory imagery, but no longer. Look at this beast.

I’ve often daydreamed about dedicating a room in my house to SUMOs… I mean just filling that sucker up like a ball pit at Chuck E Cheese, but with beanbag chairs. We have simulated the experience during setup at Digital Overload, and it is fantastic.

However there are logistical problems that stand in my way (*cough cough* my wife *cough*). The Split, though, I could see working as a compromise. Halfway between tons of squishy seating and the whole not-turning-my-office-into-a-sea-of-beanbags thing.

Of course, looking at the pricetag on that Egg Chair, I fully expect that this monstrosity will cost no less than both arms and both legs. Though I would also imagine that if you were going to spend both of your arms and legs on anything, it had better be on one hell of a comfortable seat, since you won’t be going anywhere afterwards.

Fortunately for us mortals, SUMO still has their regular line of chairs. My favorite of which remains the new Titan, which I recommend every chance I get. If you can swing the space and the price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more comfortable chair.

For durability and mobility (and selection of colors) however, you still can’t go wrong with the original, the Omni. This was the beanbag chair that first made me fall in love with SUMO’s products, and I still plug it every year around the holidays because I think they make great gifts. They last forever, and they’re crazy comfy. Plus they come in a big box, and who doesn’t love unwrapping a big box?

SUMO is running a holiday sale on most of their chairs, and free shipping to boot, so most of your excuses not to own one of these chairs (or purchase one for a friend and then steal it) just went out the window. The only valid remaining excuse would be, like, if you didn’t have a butt.

Which would be weird, because then your legs would just fall off.

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