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April 30, 2010 by Tim

Let’s start off your Friday with something new, nifty and free: The Ctrl+Alt+Del Firefox theme! You should go check it out, and install it, because it’s way sexier than how your browser used to look.

I’ll also head off the inevitable emails right here about an IE/Chrome/Whatever other browser theme… I just don’t know. Right now we’ve just got one for Firefox and Firefox is awesome. If you want to use a less-than-totally awesome browser, that’s your call, I just can’t offer to snazz it up for you at the moment. Maybe in the future. We’ll see.

So, Activision and Bungie. A one-franchise partnership that lasts… ten years. Granted, it could be a flop, and we only see the one game in that ten years. Or it might be an MMO-type title. Lord knows Activision needs more MMO money in their pockets.

I’ll join everyone else in saying that whatever it is, I hope it’s not another first-person shooter. I think it’s safe to say that, love Halo or hate it, Bungie has sort of conquered that domain. Personally, I enjoyed Oni back in the day, and I wouldn’t mind seeing another third-person action title from studio.

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