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April 23, 2007 by Tim

My shelves are full of games I’ve never completed. My shelves even contain games I’ve played for no more than ten minutes, Titan Quest, Enchanted Arms, to name a couple. I’ll start playing a game, and then another game I want to play will come out. Or most often, a combination of too many games to play, and too much work to do causes games to fall by the wayside.

Occasionally though, there are windows of opportunity. This weekend was one such window.

Ever since my best friend and I finally completed Condemned a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching for that sense of accomplishment again. I’ve been itching for a single-player campaign that I could determine to beat. With Spidey 3 still a couple of weeks away, I turned to my shelves of existing games… and found Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

When Double Agent came out, I ran one training mission, and then jumped right into multiplayer. And I played online for a good couple of weeks, but then Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Gears of War came out and took over. Double Agent was shelved, with the single player campaign never touched.

Well I popped it in Friday night and started playing, and now I’m hooked. I feel bad that I let such a great game slide for so long, but on the bright side, it’s here now to fill in a small space with no new games to play.

I should be able to finish before Spider-man 3 comes out, and then that should last me another week or two. But after that, I don’t know what I’ll do. With rumors of Mass Effect now being delayed until September, and Too Human and Blue Dragon just as far off… hopefully I don’t run out of old games to play during the summer drought.

And fingers crossed Bioshock comes out before the fall.

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