November 26, 2008 by Tim

Argh, sorry. I’ve been keeping a really backwards sleep schedule lately, and it plays havoc with routines.

I was in New York this past weekend, where Toby and I polished off the last bits of Saint’s Row 2 in co-op. That game provided over 50 hours of great laughs and entertainment in co-op, well worth the price of admission as far as I’m concerned.

Left 4 Dead is quickly becoming my new favorite multiplayer game of the year. While I think the game will ultimately require new maps to stay fresh, I’m so far amazed at how doing the same mission over and over has remained fun. Although you know exactly where you need to go, getting there is a different experience every time based largely on the people you’re playing with, and the decisions the AI director makes.

Personally I’ve been focusing on the Versus mode. While I enjoyed the campaigns, and while I do intend to go back and play them some more, every time I log on I cannot help myself from being drawn to a versus match or three.

If you see me pop up on Steam, I’m there to play L4D, so feel free to join a game.

I also picked up Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe, and I’ve found it to be pretty entertaining. The lack of super-gruesome trademark fatalities is somewhat disappointing, but actually not a gamebreaker for me. I always felt that fatalities were neat, but once you’ve seen them once or twice, their novelty wears off. There are plenty of other things about the game that I do enjoy.

I’m not going to to call it the best fighter ever, but it’s fun. The characters and environments are gorgeous, and the combat feels powerful and brutal. It feels more like Mortal Kombat than any Mortal Kombat game in recent years (aside from Shaolin Monks… that game was crazy fun on co-op).

I’d say it’s definitely worth at least a rental.

Anyway, happy turkey day.

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