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July 27, 2007 by Tim

So I’m finally getting excited for the PS3. It took nearly a year, but there are now games on the horizon for it that I’m anxious to play. Lair, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet and Clank. Not that it’s entirely abnormal… I mean pickings were slim for the 360 at the beginning as well. But as the 360 was out first, it got my attention as far building up a gamer profile, friends lists, achievements, etc. And so if a game is multi-platform, my choice goes to the 360. Even if the only difference between the games is the addition of achievements. Because while achievements aren’t a big deal to me, I do enjoy them and they’re a neat little extra goal in games. And frankly, so far, the PS3 hasn’t shown me anything special as far as multi-platform games, in terms of boasting better graphics, or unique features.

So I’ve been waiting for the exclusives. That’s what I personally needed from the PS3. Those gorgeous games which I couldn’t get on the more established system. And it seems like they’re just about here. I like my PS3. I like the dashboard interface, I like the controller, it’s a good system. I’m happy that I’ll actually start getting more reasons to fire it up.

I grabbed the Heavenly Sword demo… actually demo isn’t the right word. I grabbed the Heavenly Sword holy-shit-I-blinked-is-it-over-already tease. Yeah, it’s pretty short. Just about the time you start getting the hang of fighting, the game abruptly ends. Which is about five minutes after you start. I guess the only real complaint here was that I enjoyed it, and I want more.

Oh well.

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