Some updates

February 13, 2013 by Tim

My original plan, as stated previously, was to get all of the materials for the Dungeon Delve print delivered last week, spend the weekend signing and assembling them, and begin shipping on Monday.

The blizzard had other plans.

Our area got hit with over three feet of snow on Friday, basically stopping everything in its tracks. UPS couldn’t deliver the framing mats as scheduled, so even though I was snowed in for four days, all I could do is work on addressing the envelopes with nothing to put in them.

Long story short, our street was finally dug out late Monday night, UPS came yesterday, and I am now at work getting these prints put together. My new goal is to have the first batch ship out on Friday, but of course, now we’re expecting even more snow tonight, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

Simon went to get his staples taken out yesterday, and the incision along his throat has healed up nicely. His overall recovery has been very positive and encouraging. He’s not cured; there is no cure for a collapsing trachea. It’s something he’ll have for the rest of his life. He is, however, now able to breath without effort and now that he’s healing up, he’s pretty much back to his old self.

So now it’s really just a matter of cherishing all the time we have with him for as long as it may last.

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