Something new indeed

April 27, 2009 by Tim

I will admit, I am thankful that there is not a barrage of great new releases hitting the market while I’m stuck in my fantasy world playing construction worker. There’s only so much “Let’s see how quickly I can tear up the floor in this room, and then try to beat that record” that you can play before you crave some good old digital bliss. The lack of “must have” releases the past month (I haven’t gotten a chance to install Demigod yet) has helped keep this in check, but of course, it can’t last forever.

Origins: Wolverine (the game and the movie) both come out this Friday. The movie I’m “meh” about. I am going to go see it, but I’m not expecting Iron Man or Batman Begins. At most I’m expecting a few really cool scenes in an overall movie that shows potential, and ends with destroying Deadpool.

The game, however, I’m really excited about. And I know it’s against every rule in the book to be hyped about a movie-licensed video game, but I can’t help it. Every clip I’ve seen, every article I’ve read about the game makes it look like they finally got Wolverine right. I remember watching the X-Men cartoon on Saturday mornings when I was a kid. I was only eleven years old, but I remember thinking to myself “Why the fuck is Wolverine always clubbing bad guys with the broad side of his claws? Stab some bitches!”

And now we’ve finally (hopefully) got a Wolverine game that lets us explore the true violent nature of the beast. It’s going to be a shitty weekend if both the movie and the game end up sucking.

We’ve also got (in no particular order) the Batman game coming out soon, inFamous which looks promising, the new Terminator game which may or may not be decent, Fight Night Round 4, and Prototype. How’s a guy supposed to put a house back together with games like this coming out?


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