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September 11, 2017 by Tim

I collect a lot of MCU stuff, mostly sixth scale but some 1:1 props as well. I decided I wanted to add a couple of these bad boys to my collection:

I’ve got the Marvel Legends Star Lord Helmet I’m planning to repaint, and these dual blasters would look great on display next to it. So, I started poking around online, and while I found a handful of models for 3D printing, none of them were quite as screen-accurate as I would have preferred. So, with my limited modeling skills, I set out to remedy that.

The final model, cut up into printable parts. I kept the handle an individual piece because I was going to have to wrap it in 3M carbon fiber vinyl.

From there, it was just a matter of printing all the pieces over a matter of days. A couple of parts fresh off the printer, ready for trimming the rafts and support material.

Installing the little grate pieces. I wanted these to be separate to provide a more authentic look.

Putting the top barrel pieces together, followed by lots of tedious sanding (3D Prints tend to exhibit striations from the individual layers of plastic, that don’t look good for a finished piece).

The first layer of bondo, to fill any seams and gaps. Then more sanding.

I used an epoxy putty to form some of the more complex curves of the handle, since they were beyond my meager modeling skills.

After hours sanding and patching everything, a thin quick layer of primer makes it easier to see what still needs work.

More bondo, more sanding, and dry-fitting the pieces together.

There were a number of further steps of applying an enamel gloss spray, wet sanding, enamel spray, more wet sanding, etc, etc that I did not photograph, but eventually it was time for some real paint!

Finally, after a lot of crunch hours, the finished blaster (right hand)!

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I was really rushing to get it finished by last weekend, because I was taking the family to Hascon, and I was hoping to get a chance to meet James Gunn and have him sign it. Unfortunately, being a first-year event, their autograph voucher setup was a bit of a clusterfuck, and I was not fortunate enough to make that happen. I’ll have to keep an eye out for his future appearances and hopefully I’ll get another chance.

In the meantime, I do still have a left-hand blaster to make. There are a few things I’d like to tweak/do differently now that I’m not rushing, so I may take the opportunity to make those changes and make molds this time, so I can cast my parts in resin instead of PLA (and it will make it easier to create a pair of guns).

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