Split down the middle

September 14, 2005 by Tim

It’s true, I think. I mean, don’t get me wrong here. From a business aspect, I can completely understand the two-system approach from Microsoft’s standpoint. To quote an article on the subject, “it’s not a one-size-fits-all world”. Four hundred dollars is pretty steep for a new console system. I believe the most I’ve payed was three hundred.

When the original Playstation came out, I plunked down $315 (tax included) to take home one of those shiny new systems. I think the same case was true for the N64. Three hundred dollars is no small amount of money, but back then, at my age, it was a vertibale fortune. So it’s amusing to look back and see paying so much for those systems which you can now get for… what is it? Twenty dollars and a smile?

Anyone, if three hundred is steep, four hundred is beyond reach for many people, so like I said, from a business standpoint, I see the reasoning behind releasing a trimmed down “core system”. It will still play video games, and I guess that’s the “core” functionality that comes first.

However, from a gamer’s standpoint, the second choice just doesn’t exist. The core system does not have wireless controllers, or include the system hard drive (which allows you to save games, is required for playing first generation Xbox games, etc). The hard drive is practically necesity, and the wireless controllers are just so damned cool. I’ve been wired to my consoles for 24 years now. It’s about time we broke free.

Buying the core system is like buying a toaster without that little spring in it that makes the bread pop up. Sure, it will still make toast, but you’re going to burn the shit out of your fingers trying to get the bread out of the contraption.

The books, in all their glory, arrived at the warehouse last night, ready to begin shipping. I have seen pictures of this even, as well as pictures of the books. The softcovers look absolutely marvelous, as I knew they would. But the hardcover limited editions blew me away. And from I’ve heard, the pictures do them no justice at all. I can’t wait to see them in person myself, and I know you’ll all be very pleased.

Today I’m going to pick up the Certificates of Authenticity for the limited edition books, and begin signing them all. The I’ll spend a few days signing all of the books.

Also we’ve gotten the stickers that will be sent out with the pre-orders. I don’t think I ever showed you these. These are some hot shit right here. They’re 4″x6″, heavy duty stickers. You can stick them anywhere. They can even be used as bumper stickers, as they’re designed to stand up to the sun and weather.

The Ethan and Lucas stickers are being sent out with the limited edition hardcover books. The Zeke stickers will be sent out with all softcover pre-ordered books. We’re going to have extras, so sometime a few months down the road we’ll start giving stickers away with t-shirts or something. But check em out.

I can’t wait to start plastering them all over everything.

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