Starcaster Pages 30 and 31

December 16, 2016 by Tim

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 So, I create The Starcaster Chronicles in a comic book format. They are sized in comic book format, they are divided into issues in comic book format, and they are intended to, one day, be collected and printed in comic book format.

For pages 30 and 31, I wanted to do a double-page spread, which meant essentially taking Friday and Monday’s pages, and combining them into a layout that would travel across the fold of an eventual print endeavor. You see these types of spreads in comic books a lot, but I’ve never actually done one before because of the challenges they prevent to uploading the larger image, etc. But you know what, fuck that; I want to do a 2-page spread from time to time.

So here we are. This current website (soon to be replaced), did not like the double-wide image, thus the solution presented above. While part of me desires for everything to be neat and tidy in my online archives, in this instance the online archive was impeding artistic options for the layout of the story, and I’ve decided the finished product is more important. I hope you’ll understand.

It also means you get Friday and Monday’s pages at the same time, because there is no way to split them up; the page would be unreadable. I may move Wednesday’s page up to Monday, but that’s going to depend a lot on how production of the next few pages fits in with my schedule this weekend, where we have some family holiday stuff to attend. So I will keep you posted, but its possible there will not be a page Monday. But maybe there will. 

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